Tada Never Falls in Love

Animation, Comedy, Drama
1 Season
7.2/ 10
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Cast and Crew

Love has never really been a concern for Mitsuyoshi Tada, and as the aspiring photographer enters his second year of high school. However, things just might change after he meets a foreigner named Teresa Wagner. Nevertheless, after she asks him to photograph her, the two soon separate... only to meet each other again twice more that day! Finding Teresa just as she is caught in a sudden downpour, Tada invites her to his family's coffee shop to dry off. There, she explains that she was separated from her traveling companion, Alec. When Teresa reunites with Alec shortly after, they say their goodbyes - but the two unexpectedly show up as transfer students in his class the next day. Teresa and Alec quickly get used to their lives at the High School and decide to join Tada in the photography club. With these two additions to his equally eccentric group of friends, Tada's second year of high school is about to get even livelier, and he might need to start rethinking his approach to love.

Cast and Crew
Kentarou Yamashita (voice)
Hiro Shimono
Kaoru Ijuuin (voice)
Mamoru Miyano
Hajime Sugimoto (voice)
Yuuichirou Umehara
Teresa Wagner (voice)
Manaka Iwami
Hinako Hasegawa (voice)
Shizuka Ishigami
Yui Tada (voice)
Inori Minase
Alexandra Magritte (voice)
Shino Shimoji
Mitsuyoshi Tada (voice)
Yuichi Nakamura
Maid (voice)
Erika Ishitobi
Charles de Loire (Voice)
Takahiro Sakurai
KittyBig (Voice)
Ari Ozawa

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Hiro Shimono, Mamoru Miyano, Yuuichirou Umehara, Manaka Iwami
Animation, Comedy, Drama
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romance, slice of life, anime
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